Harris's List - Mrs. R—ssell, No. 17, Fludger-street, Westminster.

Mrs. R—ssell, No. 17, Fludger-street, Westminster.

            Is a fine plump girl, at the age of twenty-eight, rather dark hair and eyes, she keeps a house, and sometimes sports a chariot. This lady has been some years in the service, in London, where she was much in vogue with the bucks and bloods of the town, who admired her more for her vulgarity than any thing else, she being extremely expert at uncommon oaths, and, at her first commencing a lady of pleasure, she threw off all restraint, so that her modesty was never offended: her readiness to reveal all the secrets, which the delicate part of the sex think proper to conceal, brought her a number of clients among the youth, who are fond of beholding that mouth of the devil from whence all corruption issueth. These she took care to fleece sufficiently; so that by her economy, she is now enabled to keep her country house and receives visits from only a few, and has in some degree left off her habit of swearing.

            This lady being a very good pen-woman, and much out of town, has a good opportunity of displaying her talents in that line to her lovers.


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