Harris's List - Mrs. Pge, No. 26, Upper Newman-street.

Mrs. Pge, No. 26, Upper Newman-street.


Come, thou Goddess, fair and free,
With the sweet simplicity.

The above two lines are highly descriptive of Mrs. P, who for ease, freedom and simplicity is scarcely to be matched among the whole sisterhood, besides which, her beauty is by no means inconsiderable. She is about twenty, has been near five years in business, and has had tolerable fortune; her features are good, except her mouth, which is a little too wide, especially when she laughs, which is pretty often. Those who are inclined to mirth, will find her to be a good companion, without the least tincture of blasphemy, she is not of a mercenary disposition, yet she expects one pound one, but rather than lose a customer will put up with half the sum.


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