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Harris's List - Miss Co—way, No. 50, Slone-square.

Miss Co—way, No. 50, Slone-square.


Hail beauty, such is thine electric touch,
It fills the veins, and animates the pulse
Of all who but behold thee!

            If we were called upon to name the lady whom we conceive to be handsome, it would certainly be the one we are now speaking of; she has so many enchanting graces, that they are quite irresistible. It is impossible to withstand the artillery of her eyes, as the winged lightening; then her hair, her lips, her every thing, are so transporting charming as to fill every beholder with rapture.

            She is just twenty-two, of a most elegant form, and as we know her to be amorously inclined, we do not think that any young fellow need despair, if he has ability, and understands the method of bringing a thing to an end.

            This lady has been several years in trade, and never in want of business. She was lately in keeping by L— S—, who was fond of her to excess. She was early initiated in the science of love, and she is determined to lose no time, while youth and vigour will give her leave to love; on any other subject, she is a woman of the strictest honour and generosity, has a free and open heart, is very agreeable, and her admirers never find that either their money or time is thrown away.

            Her education has been liberal; her conversation is easy and unaffected; her taste for literature would not disgrace the greatest genius of the age, and if we could pass over in silence her present mode of life, she has every qualification to render her an ornament to the female world.

            This lady lives in very high life, is not in keeping now, tho' she has had many very genteel overtures made to her on that account; variety is her delight, and she indulges her inclination to the utmost degree; yet 'tis said she has a favourite who is a foreigner and partakes of her purse as well as her favours.

            She is fond of play, and never yet could meet with her match at all fours, for she begs one at the end of every deal, and seldom fails succeeding in her request till she has entirely beat her antagonist, who, like more losing gamesters, generally wishes to renew the game, when all his cash is spent and he is least able.


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