Harris's List - Miss B—lford, Titchfield-street.

Miss B—lford, Titchfield-street.


The British fair to manly hearts inclin'd,
Their passions open and their souls unbind,
'Tis nature prompts, what harm can be in this,
To give and take from each the balmy kiss.

            This child of love looks very well when drest. She is rather subject to fits, alias counterfits, very partial to a Pantomime Player at Covent Garden Theatre. She may be about nineteen, very genteel, with a beautiful neck and chest, and most elegantly moulded breasts, her eyes are wonderfully piercing and expressive. She is always lively, merry, and cheerful, and in bed, will give you such convincing proofs of her attachment to love's game, that if you leave one guinea behind, you will certainly be tempted to renew your visits.


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