Harris's List - Miss V—ghan, No. 24, Upper Newman-street.

Miss V—ghan, No. 24, Upper Newman-street.


Give me but thee, I will make a heav'n of earth,
Each night should give to new-born pleasures birth.
The sun of joy should Faint continual noon,
And e'en on age of Noah pass on too soon.

            This priestess of Venus is of a dark complexion, dark hair, and expressive eyes of the same colour. She is about twenty-one, rather a pretty genteel girl; she seems to be a pupil of Cato, whole opinion it was that a woman should divest herself of her modesty with her clothes. The scandalous chronicle says, she had a child by a coachman about nine months ago, whether it be true or not, she is nevertheless as agreeable a companion in bed, as she is a pleasing one out of it. She is tolerably reasonable, being very well satisfied with a guinea per night.


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