Harris's List - Miss Póctor, Cursitor-street, formerly of Gress-street.

Miss Póctor, Cursitor-street, formerly of Gress-street.


I am the lass whose ever open arms,
Both day and night stand ready to receive,
The fierce assaults of Briton's amorous sons.

††††††††††† A nice girl about nineteen, lives in the first floor, her motive for moving was solely on account of some Temple friends, namely Attornies, Counsellors, and Clerks in office. She never rises before twelve, after which time she may be seen, ready to undress and go again to bed. She frequents the Theatre, where she gets an innumerable acquaintance; as a chatty, agreeable companion, her company must be courted by those who love a deal of chit chat to be served up first. She dresses well, but rather flighty; she is seldom tired of love's game, whilst the blind boy can find the way in, and is able to pay the toll, before he comes out; very cunning and never returns money after the curtain is drawn up. Price one pound one.


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