Harris's List - Miss Wóby, No. 3, Gress-street, Rathbone-place.

Miss Wóby, No. 3, Gress-street, Rathbone-place.


ó So beauteous young and gay,
And dearly loves the am'rous play.

††††††††††† A pleasing countenance, of a middling size, her features are the delicacy of a court lady in their town use. This pretty little girl is about eighteen, lives in the parlour, is always to be seen in the day time, as she never dresses till time for the Theatres; in bed she performs all her paces in a pleasing manner, and keeps exact time to every motion, urges with every possible insinuations the coming pleasure, and returns the ecstatic with a flood of tepid delight, always urging repetitions. Her price is from half a guinea to what you please, but for a night's lodging, notice must previously be given her.


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