Harris's List - Mrs. Rad, No. 66, Queen Anne Street East.

Mrs. Rad, No. 66, Queen Anne Street East.


With the sports of the field, there's no Pleasure can vie,
Then follow, follow, &c. the hounds in full cry.

A fine tall girl, about twenty-two, elegant in person, with a captivating countenance. She has found out the true art to please and be pleased. Mrs. Rd has very dark eyes and eye-brows, and plenty of the same colour hair on the enchanting spot of love, being a fine cover for game. This lady has tasted the sweets of many good things in purse and person, and relishes them all. Her predominant passion seems for horses, hounds, and the delights of the field. No one is more emulous than our heroine, to be in at the death; upon the whole we may pronounce this lady a woman of taste and spirit, which she displays in nothing more forcibly, hunting not excepted, than in the choice of her favourite, as he is still a hunter.


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