Harris's List - Miss H—rington, Newman-street.

Miss H—rington, Newman-street.


She spins her web to catch male flies,
Like sportsmen's black birds—by her eyes.

            A knowing one, lives in the first floor, has two or three gentlemen favorites; by giving a double rap, this lady will instantly make her appearance, and if the returns you a favourable glance, she will immediately conduct you in a very complaisant manner to a convenient sofa, and suffer you there to take a view of her haven of delight, where pretty ringlets hang in tempting curls over the cupidinous font, in return she likewise expects a view of nature's gifts from you, which if the thinks clean and properly adopted, she will unload for two pounds two. She is rather a good figure, and about twenty-five, with a tolerable good complexion, in company chatty, witty and agreeable.


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