Harris's List - Miss Leó, Berwick-street, Soho.

Miss Leó, Berwick-street, Soho.


Oh pray mamma! let me down!
You will find me the best boy in town;
I'll never while I live offend,
I promise you, you will find me mend

††††††††††† This young lady is tall and genteel, and about seventeen, with sandy colour hair, and fine blue eyes that are delicious; her complexion is delicate and fair, but we cannot refrain saying, she has a piece of the termagant about her, which, however, she qualifies with a whimsicality of humour that renders it supportable. She was debauched by a young counsellor, from a boarding-school near town, where she was apprentice. Her mistress surprising her one day with a certain naughty book, took her into the whipping-room, where having tied her on a horse that is always there for the use of correction, she whipped her with a large rod, made of green birch, till through fatigue, the rod dropped from her hands; the counsellor meeting with her a few days after, she told him how she had been used by her governess for the book he had lent her; he took immediately a room for her, and visited her till he went to Ireland. She found herself for some time very much embarrassed, till meeting with a merchant of the city, who is fond of the rod, she then appeared again at the theatres, which she frequents very much.

††††††††††† She dresses always very elegantly, and in the season she is very seldom without a most enormous nosegay of luscious flowers, which she generally wears very high on the left side of her bosom, having discovered that many gentlemen have a great partiality for that effeminate ornament. She is constantly visited by amateurs of birch discipline, being always furnished with brooms of green birch and of the best quality, and is always very happy to see any friend that feels himself inclinable to spend three or four guineas in her company.


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