Harris's List - Mrs. G—frey, No 6, Newman-street.

Mrs. G—frey, No 6, Newman-street.


Here may the brisk, and able pour,
An ocean of their liquid store.

            This lady may be about thirty, rather plump, she has however, every requisite to make an agreeable bed-fellow, every nerve during the preludes to enjoyment, seem trembling alive to all the refined sensations, and every part about the frame is blessed with that corresponding aptness that cannot fail of producing the most desirable effects, neither has the too frequent use of the most bewitching spot rendered it the least callous to the joys of love; she still feels all that torrent of rapture, the mutual dissolution of two souls in liquid bliss can possibly afford; meets the coming moment with uncommon ecstasy, and asks the speedy return. She is very fond of black, as she pretends to be a widow; her price is one pound one tho' ten shillings and six-pence will do.


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