Harris's List - Miss J—nson, No. 17, Willow-walk, near the Dog and Duck.

Miss J—nson, No. 17, Willow-walk, near the Dog and Duck.


Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover,
Fades in the eye, and falls upon the sense.

            This pretty filly is of a middling size near twenty, Norfolk gave her birth, her countenance is rather pleasing, with fine black eyes that are very attractive, good teeth, a fine skin, and of so amorous constitution, that in the arms of an equally lewd partner, she never wishes to fall in the arms of sleep; the dairy hills of delight are beautifully prominent, firm and elastic, the sable coloured grot below with its coral lipt janitor is just adopted to the sons of Venus, it is a pity this girl did not receive some sort of education, however, as there are people who admire a vulgarity of expression and a coarseness of manner which they account a kind of rustic naiveté, and which they prefer to the polish education or the attractions of bieuseance, it is no wonder if she has a few customers, tho' her clothes are always at the pawnbrokers. She seems always low spirited, except when the liquor exhilarates her spirits; extremely illiterate, ungrateful to her benefactors, peevish, addicted to swearing and to low company; this girl in a short time will be in the lowest class of prostitutes; however as she is young, she is still worthy the attention of an amateur who would rescue her from prostitution, as we think she still possesses a little sensibility; she is the only girl that frequents the D. and D. worth mentioning; her price from five shillings to half a guinea.


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