Harris's List - Mrs. Móchall, No. 52, Margate-street.

Mrs. Móchall, No. 52, Margate-street.


Freedom in love is what I crave,
And give me this, ye mighty gods.

††††††††††† A fine tall elegant woman rather lusty, full eyes, she has the character of a spirited, spitefully-fond bed fellow, that will keep her spark to the mark of business as long as he has strength to follow his labour with any pleasure or ability, her manners are easy and polite; nor is her appearance what would class her among rep or demireps; dresses very elegantly, generally appearing with a profusion of feathers on her head dress, and a large bouquet in her bosom. This lady is now kept by a gentleman, but as he is often out of town I make no doubt that she may be spoke with.


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