Harris's List - Miss B—df—d, No. 44, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square.

Miss B—df—d, No. 44, Mortimer-street, Cavendish-square.


If mutual love, if mutual fire,
Can add a relish to desire,
Come, ye voluptuous, to this feat;
Her willing limbs will ne'er retreat,
But cling with fervour to the kiss,
Till all the soul dissolves in bliss.

            In delineating the beauties of this charming little girl, the abilities of the first literary talents should be furnished for the immediate purpose of displaying her perfections to the best advantage. This wanton and enchanting nymph is a frequent visitor of the theatres; she is particularly attached to the Haymarket, for reasons best known to herself. She dresses with considerable taste, blended with a degree of neatness the frail fair are seldom accustomed to exhibit. Her accomplishments are various and brilliant; her polite and sensible conversation reflects much credit on her education, which is said to be liberal in the extreme.—This languishing fair one, when in bed with a gentleman of her own loving disposition, is amorous to distraction—her feelings at the critical moment are so excessive tender that she generally occasions her blind visitor to shed tears ere he quits her covered apartment. Her panting orbs, pouting lips, delicate shape, love-sparkling eyes (which are dark), regular set of teeth, together with a tempting leg and foot, compose the principal attractions of this goddess of pleasure. A cheerful glass of wine is not ill bestowed on this matchless heroine.


Generosity she rewards,
Meanness she despises.

            Good nature may with singular propriety be deemed a striking feature in this darling little girl. This offspring of delight is indebted to eighteen summers for the attainment of such charms as the reader may for a compliment of five guineas be in full possession of.


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