Harris's List - Miss Lws, No. 36, Wells-street, Oxford-street.

Miss Lws, No. 36, Wells-street, Oxford-street.


By that smile that decks thy face,
By that dimple on thy chin,
By each loving sweet embrace,
Let me once more enter in.

The prolific soil of Salisbury is reported to have given birth to this whimsical Cyprian Goddess, a more beautiful face we never witnessed, and to her praise be it spoken, she is not under the smallest obligation to any performer,


No artificial tint adorns her lovely cheeks.

Pure nature and rosy health are her inseparable companions; her conversation displays so much artless simplicity that we are positive any gentleman would conceive himself happy in having an opportunity of standing before this lady with a view to obtain her mark of pleasure. She has lately been in keeping with a Rier, but we greatly fear he proved himself a bad horseman, as the lady will not, at this time, suffer him to enter her premises. Pecuniary embarrassments are the reasons assigned for his being deprived her present favours; her visitors must not be surprised if they are addressed with expressions of a simple nature from this votary of wantonness. She is very expert in milking a cow;we mention this acquisition merely for the accommodation of any gentleman who is fond of witnessing such sport; her panting delicate white breasts are tempting, firm, and elastic; twelve months are scarcely elapsed since her virgin rose was plucked. An artist of some celebrity is said to be the fortunate reducer of her maiden treasure; her disposition is extremely lively; she is blessed with a pair of the most enchanting black eyes we ever beheld. It is impossible to gaze at this fascinating female without being captivated with her delightful charms; she exhibits a neat leg and foot; good-nature is a valuable ornament to this lady. Nineteen years is her real age, and two pounds two shillings will not be rejected as a reward for the disposal of her favours.


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