Harris's List - Mrs. Lótleón, No. 3, Salisbury-street, Strand.

Mrs. Lótleón, No. 3, Salisbury-street, Strand.


ó Since we mortal lovers are,
Ask not how long our love will last;
But while it does, let us take care,
Each minute be with pleasure past.

††††††††††† This is a fine plump girl, with dark hair, large eyes, and dark eyebrows. It is a very great misfortune for ladies, who depend on the public for a support, to be liable to particular attachments, where interest is out of the question, for it has been of great detriment to this lady, when she has had good keepers, who have discovered her intrigues, merely through her own carelessness, and have discarded her. As her circumstances are particularly fluctuating, so her dress is answerable to them. She is, upon the whole, an agreeable woman, and we make no doubt, might live exceeding genteel, were she more guarded in her conduct, and keep herself from falling in love where there is no pecuniary view; however, at present, she is in keeping with Mr. B., a counsór in the Tempóe, but will not lose the enjoyment of other friends, who may fall in her way.


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