Harris's List - Miss W-lón, No. 27, Litchfield-street, Soho.

Miss W-lón, No. 27, Litchfield-street, Soho.


Her careless air, her easy mien and dress,
Nor art, nor perfect negligence confess
Admir'd by all, she treads the Cyprian stage,
And one and twenty is the lady's age.

††††††††††† The land of Jamaica is the native foil of this wanton Cyprian female, though she cannot boast a complexion delicately fair, yet it must be acknowledged her features are very pleasing, she has a brilliant tell-tale love sparkling eye, which commonly attract admiration from most of her male visitors; she is a girl of considerable taste and fashion; Covent Garden Theatre is her constant evening lounge, at which place she is known by many of the gentlemen actors, one of which in the vocal line is said to have been closely connected with her; a beautiful leg and foot adorns her charming shape, a delicate pair of white silk stockings she likewise sports, this addition to her dress is considered by many of her admirers as a valuable acquisition to her appearance; report says she dances well, her vocal abilities are of no inconsiderable promise, as she warbles with much sweetness and science; she is pronounced an amorous bed-fellow, being spitefully loving, her conversation denotes her to be a girl of good sense, an elegant set of teeth (which for whiteness stands unrivalled in the whole Cyprian corps) and dark brown tresses which flow in careless ringlets across a pair of tempting rising promontories, compose the remainder of attraction in this enchanting goddess of whim; this lady's purse discovers so much elasticity that it will contain the largest thing any gentleman can present her with, however not the smallest thing will be accepted unless accompanied with two golden balls; twenty-one years she is indebted for the variety of accomplishments she possesses.


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