Harris's List - Mrs. D様要葉, No. 46, Hanover-street, Hanover-square.

Mrs. D様要葉, No. 46, Hanover-street, Hanover-square.


To look at her majestic figure,
Would make you caper with more vigor!
The lightening slashing from each eye,
Would lift your soul to ecstasy!
Her bubbies o'er their bound'ry broke,
Quick palpitating at each stroke!
With vigor o'er the bouncing bum,
She'd tell ungovern'd boys who ruled at home!

This lady is about thirty, she was bred a milliner, and married very young an attorney's clerk, but as his income was not sufficient to support her in the manner the wished to live, she listened to the addresses of an American gentleman who made her an handsome allowance whilst he remained in England, and took some pains to persuade her to accompany him in his present visit to that quarter of the world, but she preferred old to new England. She is at present a housekeeper, but soon intends to quit her situation and retire to a snug lodging, as she has experimentally found that the frail sisterhood are very bad pay-mistresses for first and second floors. Though not young, her charms have received no diminution from the hand of time, as the has always been very careful of herself, and eluding as much as possible the main action; she is celebrated for bush-fighting with a birchen rod, which she wields with dexterity to the uncommon gratification of many gentlemen, who have occasion for this operation to rouse the Venus lurking in their veins; it said she is very fond, as many ladies are, of handling this instrument of pain and delight; she keeps always in the house a number of excellent birch brooms and cutting rods ready made for present service; her price is various, in the birchen operation, she will not take less than half a guinea, but for the completion of bliss she never condescends to grant her favours for less than a guinea.


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