Harris's List - Miss —, at Mrs. Ross's, No. 7, Wardour-street.

Miss —, at Mrs. Ross's, No. 7, Wardour-street.


Sure heav'n alone such graces can bestow,
Where Nature's richest tints superbly glow;
What pencil can do justice to the fair;
So regular her form, so sweet her air,
Each glance the coldest, densest breast must move
To taste with her the richest joys of love.

            Novelty, which in the lover's calendar, is always marked with a red letter, must excite the curious to experience its charms with this dear girl; she seems indeed to have collected a considerable share of the lightning so frequent in mountainous places, and darts such irresistible glances as can scarcely fail to engage the hearts of the beholders.

            The barren unfrequented paths of Wales she thought too confined a situation to exert her power in, and has therefore transferred her empire to the great mart for beauty, where merit, such as hers, surely cannot fail of the most brilliant success.—She is but newly arrived, and has not as yet had time sufficient to exhibit her charms in that extensive line, that must at length gain her universal approbation, I could almost say preference, where I not restrained by the old adage, "every eye makes a beauty"—Who could think such an original dearly purchased at the price of five guineas.


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