Harris's List - Mrs. G, at Mrs. Les. No. 9, Wardour-street.

Mrs. G, at Mrs. Les. No. 9, Wardour-street.


Let glittering meteors dart, along the skies,
And for a moment flash in human eyes,
Here milder radiance may be daily seen,
Reflect its influence from the charming Green,

To attempt a degree of praise that could approach to the merit of this enchanting girl, would only expose us to the fate of Phaeton; and our want of skill might prove prejudicial to her, which is by no means our wish. For who can, with the most unerring knowledge of the English tongue, succeed in conveying an adequate idea of the yet scarcely ripened charms of a lass of eighteen; whose auburn tresses serve only as a foil to the loveliest skin that ever nature put the finishing hand to:or who can find language sufficiently expressive to represent those swelling orbs, whose velvet softness is exceeded only by the solidity of their texture, where the capillary veins in meand'ring folds, conveys the azure tide, to and from the heart with a warmth that communicates itself to the whole frame; and excites such commotions as claim the highest approbation of those who have the happiness of participating in her feelings; and this any gentleman may do for two guineas, the moderate price of a single tete-a-tete: a night will be considered cheap at twice the sum.


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