Harris's List - Mrs. Pióce, No. 19, St. George's Row, Apollo Gardens.

Mrs. Pióce, No. 19, St. George's Row, Apollo Gardens.


This lovely girl can boast a power of charms,
When love entwines her in her lover's arms.

††††††††††† This girl at present possesses every requisite to form the good, the agreeable bed-fellow. She is still in her teens, with fine dark eyes and hair, her mouth opens to display a regular set of teeth; pretty panting bubbies which do not require to be pressed or deformed by that very unnecessary covering, the stays; in bed she will twine and twist, sigh and murmur, pant and glow with unfeigned emotions, and never be tired of love's game, whilst the blind boy can find the way in, perfect good nature is predominant in all the features of this female, and her behaviour displays so much artless simplicity, that she never fails to win the affections of her male visitors; all the joys that is in the power of love to give, from her may be expected, for which a moderate computation satisfies her, as she is by no means mercenary.


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