Harris's List - Mrs. Biód, No, 27, Salisbury-street, Strand.

Mrs. Biód, No, 27, Salisbury-street, Strand.


For 'tis in vain to guess
At women by appearances;
They paint and patch their imperfections
Of intellectual complexions,
And daub their tempers o'er with washes,
As artificial as their faces.

††††††††††† Those who keep ladies do not seem to regard their charms, but become keepers because it is the fashion. But she cannot be admired on account of her charms, for she has very few; indeed we are so blind that we cannot discern any. She is tall and lusty, has a dead eye and flattish nose, and good teeth, and is very much given to laughing, she wears short petticoats. We do not know whether her favours are bestowed for money or love, but this we are certain of, that Có Hó is not the only man who experiences the happiness of her voluptuous favours, which are very numerous.


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