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Harris's List - Miss H—r—y, No. 16, Phoenix street, Soho.

Miss H—r—y, No. 16, Phoenix street, Soho.


Whisper'd plaints; and wanton wiles;
Speeches soft, and soothing smiles,
Teeth imprinted, tell-tale kisses,
Intermix with all my kisses.

            This young lady is possessed of considerable charms, which she endeavours to set off to the best advantage; but good friends is not the lot of every one, even if she deserve them. If unaffected good nature, natural blooming complexion, sparkling black eyes, expressive of deep penetration, a regular set of ivory teeth, with tresses flowing in tempting ringlets down her back are entitled to recommendation, this wanton and lovely Cyprian fair one can with justice boast to an eminent degree of those desirable accomplishments. Report says, she has been but a few months in public practice, which from good authority, we are given to understand is but Six. She is frequently to be met with at the original Thirteen Cantons, in King street, Soho. Any gentleman desirous of visiting this delicate girl, may rest perfectly satisfied of experiencing not only a polite reception, but infinite pleasure in the embraces of this loving and amorous female. One guinea for one night's repose will not be thought over much.—Nineteen years is the age of this nymph.


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