Harris's List - Miss Wllm's, No. 9, Upper Newman-street, Middlesex Hospital.

Miss Wllm's, No. 9, Upper Newman-street, Middlesex Hospital.


Balmy sweetness ever flowing
From those ruby lips distil
Roses on thy cheeks are blowing,
And thy voice like music thrills.

In the memoirs of this wanton female, we present our readers with a tall, genteel girl, very pretty face, fair complexion, and desirable auburn coloured ringlets, which flow in tempting curls across a delicately white breath; her beautiful set of teeth, add considerably to her angelic appearance, which generally commands admiration from most of her visitors: her disposition is peculiarly amorous and engaging, assisted with a brilliant tell-tale and love sparkling eye. What is a great recommendation to this lovely Cyprian nymph is her vocal abilities, which may with truth be said to be of no inconsiderable power; her musical skill certainly is of great promise, and we are firmly persuaded, any gentleman who takes the trouble of visiting this divine syren will be fully satisfied in the above assertion. She is frequently to be noticed in the green boxes of the theatres, where by her natural good temper she gains many genteel admirers. She is reported to be an incomparable and enchanting bedfellow, and has a peculiar art in raising them that fall, and bringing the dead to life. Two pounds two shillings is the price of admission to enter her unfurnished parlour, which we are convinced is at a moment's notice ready for the reception of any gentleman. Twenty years is this lady's age.