Harris's List - Miss Bro—n, No. 4, Princess-street, Cavendish square.

Miss Bro—n, No. 4, Princess-street, Cavendish square.


Say lovely youth would'st thou thus betray,
My easy faith and lead my heart astray.

            The situation of this lady is truly pitiable, for as we understand, her heart was betrayed by a young gentleman in the country, who soon forsook her, which she repeats with a good deal of apparent grief, and does not seem at all calculated for her present way of life, except in point of beauty. Is rather short, and has a clear fair skin, with a pleasing blue eye, her cheeks are very prettily dimpled, and she has a natural fresh colour, her hair is bright, and her teeth are good. She is now a lovely desirable girl, but if she continues long in her present situation, it is a great chance but that the becomes as false, inconstant and infamous as many others of the fraternity. By this remark we do not mean to anticipate any disagreeable circumstances, but mention it merely to her as a friendly caution that may possibly raise her pride and guard her against those baneful habits which are so often the disgrace and sometimes the ruin of many of the sex.


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