Harris's List - Miss Dav—s, No. 28, Margaret-street, Oxford Market.

Miss Dav—s, No. 28, Margaret-street, Oxford Market.

            Is a fine tall young woman, of about eighteen, has a fair complexion, and excellent features; her mouth is small, and looks when closed, like a rose when it begins to bud; her eyes, however, are no great advantage to her, as they are small and gray. She has the character of a spirited, spitefully-fond bed-fellow that will keep her spark to the mark of business as long as he has strength to follow his labour with any pleasure or ability. She is seldom guilty of those vices which have so frequently censured, and which defile the sex more then any other; we mean drinking and swearing. This, however, is not to be wondered at, when it is known, (which her company will easily discover,) that she has been excellently educated, and notwithstanding the unfortunate bent which the has taken, yet there are some of the stamina of the original virtues planted in her mind to be discovered, and which no practices will so eradicate as to render her vulgar or disagreeable.


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