Monro His Expedition - Bibliographic and Editorial Note

Bibliographic and Editorial Note


            This Ex-classics edition of Monro his Expedition with the Worthy Scots Regiment Called Mac-Keys  has been prepared from a facsimile of the first edition, 1637. Spelling of English words has been modernised, and obsolete words have been standardised at the primary spelling in the Oxford English Dictionary. The glossary has definitions of these obsolete words, as well as translations of Latin tags used by Monro.

            Monro was very variable in his spelling of names of people and places. In this edition we have standardised placenames at the spelling used in the early 20th Century, except for those which have long-established English versions e.g. Munich, Elsinore not München, Helsingĝr. After the First and Second World Wars, many of these names were changed, mostly for nationalistic or political reasons. The modern names of these places are given in the Current Placenames section. Peronal names have for the most part been left as Monro had them except for a few who are very well-known, such as Wallenstein.


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