Monro His Expedition - Dedication


wisheth health, and happiness.

After seven years march in the wars of Germany with one regiment, it being rent in the battle of Nördlingen, at last I retired unto Britain, to levy again, for the further advancement of the good cause, and being at the Court of England, attending employment, to express my love, and most humble respects unto your Highness, having been an eye-witness of the accidents most remarkable, which occurred in Germany, during those seven years wars, though a rude, and ignorant soldier, I was bold to set pen to paper, to discharge a long seven years troublesome expedition, in short duties and observations of service, containing a true & simple narration of the principal occurrences which happened in the course of this war, without omitting one day's march, in three years under the magnanimous King of Denmark, nor thereafter, in four years march with the royal army, under the fortunate conduct of his Majesty of Sweden of never dying memory.

Being induced thereto, chiefly, to testify my humble respects unto your Highness, to whom I have ever vowed my best endeavours of service: next, to express my love, and thankfulness to my country, and to my dear comrades, Britons, Dutch and Swedens, (companions, not of wants, but of valour) eternizing their memory, who after death, like Phoebean Champions, ride triumphing in spite of envy, being praised by their enemies, for having valorously resisted their assaults, till they died standing, serving the public, through their great love to your Highness' royal mother, the Queen of Bohemia, your Highness' self, and the remnant of the royal Issue. Hoping therefore (for their sakes departed of worthy memory) my pains may be acceptable unto your Highness, for their sakes' alive (that long for a new leader) I have been bold, to send unto your Highness at this time, worthy counsellors, whose counsel your Highness may be bold to follow, and their virtues, being most heroic and exemplary, may be imitated by your Highness, in going before us, as our new master, captain and leader, being descended, of the valiant Bruce, and of the first King of the Stewarts, through your Highness' royal mother Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, jewel of her sex, and the most resplendent in brightness of mind, for a woman, that the earth doth afford.

That great monarch Alexander the Great showed his humanity (in the wants of old age) to a poor and decrepit soldier, being weary with great travail in the way, & lent him his own chair, for to warm him by the fire: and being upon his death-bed (for all the pangs and pains of death) he disdained not to shake hands with the meanest and poorest of all his soldiers. So mighty and illustrious Prince, I, though a poor soldier, do dedicate unto your Highness, these my dutiful observations and expeditions. Your Highness being eminent, as your dignity high, hath made me presume on your Highness' goodness, which, I know, is full of pardons for those, that reverence your Highness' person, as I do. That I have prefixed your Highness' name, was my duty, as to my patron & superior, to whom I am ever most bound, especially in discharging of this my duty. Neither do I pay this tribute unto your Highness, as to add anything unto your Highness' knowledge, being already enriched with notable virtues, but rather to express my love and dearst respect, in all humility to him, whom I have vowed to follow (if my breath may last so long) till your Highness' enemies be overcome.

Deign therefore, noble and illustrious Sir, to let pass this my tedious expedition, and shallow observations, under the name of your Highness' patronage, to whom I wish the Roman Empire, for a possession,  as it was extended of old, from the River Euphrates, at the East, to the Ocean Sea, at the West, the fertilest part of Africa, at the South, and the Rhine, and the Danube, at the North; which to possess, come, noble Sir, unto the field, and fight before us, Britons, Irish and Dutch, who long to see your Highness to fight with good luck and victory, with strength and power, with wisdom and understanding, &c. against your Highness' enemies, till your Highness' royal mother's throne be established, after her sacred Majesty, in your Highness' person.

Vouchsafe then, noble Sir, of your gracious generosity, favourably to accept of my well-wishing, and of these my observations, and esteem the author thereof to be for ever

Your Highness' most humble and obedient servitor,


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