Monro His Expedition - The twenty-second Duty discharged being the last under his Majesty's service of Denmark, of our expedition by water unto Holstein.

The twenty-second Duty discharged being the last under his Majesty's service of Denmark, of our expedition by water unto Holstein.

His Majesty being resolved in April 1629, with his sword in his hand to conclude a settled and a sure peace with the Emperor; or otherwise to free Holstein and Jutland from the tyranny of the Imperial army, and to that effect his Majesty did gather his forces together to a head in Denmark, where they were to be shipped for landing at Angeln in Holstein: so that orders were given to me, his Majesty having provided shipping, to transport our regiment from all quarters, and to meet at Angeln. Before our parting, Captain Forbesse of Tullough, and Captain Andrew Stewart's companies were put on warships to lie before Wismar, I having shipped with the rest of the regiment, we sailed unto Holstein, and landed at Angeln: where the regiment being come together, we were one thousand four hundred strong besides officers, and having lain at Angeln till the peace was concluded, his Majesty did thank off, or dismiss his army, save a few number that was kept a month longer, till the enemy had marched out of the country: we being discharged of service, and having gotten our honourable passes we were directed, by his Majesty to the Rex-marshal toward Fyn, with orders from his Majesty, that he should reckon with us, and give us contentment accordingly. The reckoning made, we were forced to accept of two parts, and to discharge the whole, having made no reckoning but for us who were present, leaving our Colonel being absent, to make his own reckoning thereafter with his Majesty.

Likewise his Majesty did give orders to the Rex-marshal to provide shipping and victuall for our officers and soldiers, to transport them for their country, which accordingly was obeyed. As also his Majesty did give orders to ordain us, both officers and soldiers free quarters in Elsinore, till the ships were ready to sail. So that we being free from our honourable master his service, we were ready to imbrace new conditions from a new master.

The twenty-second and last Observation on our Danes' service.

Here concluding our Danes' service, we see that the end of wars is peace, and that the end of this peace was the beginning of greater war, under a new master. Happy therefore is that man, or that regiment that can say, while as they are thanked off, we have served truly and with credit our last master; and then they may be assured of a second master, having won a good name, as this regiment did, under his Majesty of Denmark, in whom the least omission could never be found, much less to have committed any gross error worthy imputation: And therefore we were graciously dismissed, and honestly rewarded according to the time.

Captain Andrew Stewart (brother to the noble and worthy Earl of Traquaire) being soliciting business at Copenhagen contracted a fever and died there, being in his comrades' absence honourably buried by the Stadt-holder's direction; whose death, as untimely, was much regrated by all his comrades, he being a valorous and expert Commander.

Likewise John Hampeseede, an old true servant to my cousin the Baron of Fowles, he dying of a fever at Angeln leaguer, was honourably buried there.

This Danes' war thus ended, was the beginning of a greater war, as is said: for the Emperor (in summer 1629, The Danes' peace being made in August 1629) did send assistance of men unto the Pole, against his Majesty of Sweden, under the command of the Field Marshal Arnhem, which the next summer did bring the sword of the Sweden against himself. So that we see there is nothing here on earth to be expected by us, more then a continual warfare. Lord therefore make us daily to war in that spiritual warfare, serving truly the King of Kings and Lord of hosts, fighting that good fight against our spiritual enemies, where he that overcomes, receives for a reward (instead of worldly glory) an immortal crown of glory in the Heavens.

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