Monro His Expedition - THE SECOND PART, OF MONRO HIS EXPEDITION UNDER HIS Majesty of SWEDEN, discharged in several Duties and Observations.

THE SECOND PART, OF MONRO HIS EXPEDITION UNDER HIS Majesty of SWEDEN, discharged in several Duties and Observations.

And of the Colonel's Journey and mine unto Sweden in February, 1630.

Our regiment thanked of by his Majesty of Denmark in May, 1629, my Colonel being in England, I hearing his Majesty of Sweden (much engaged against the Pole in Prussia) did stand in great need of a supply of foot, thought then, it was a fit time for me being out of service, to offer my service unto his Majesty of Sweden; whereupon I did direct David Martins auditor with my letters, and warrant to his Majesty, to treat with his Majesty for a commission, and money for bringing unto his Majesty a regiment of foot, over which my old Colonel should command. His Majesty condescending to my desire, dispatcheth my commissioner back again with a commission, and moneys to me in the Colonel's name; and in his absence I did direct as a beginning of the regiment, Fowles, Captain Monro, and my own Captain, being three companies of the regiment unto Prussia, before the Colonel's coming from England, and after there were sent unto Prussia three companies, (viz.) Major Synnot's, Captain Bullion's, and Captain Lermond's companies, which six for that year, remained in garrison in Brownesbery in Prussia; other six companies of the old regiment, the Colonel directed from Holland to Sweden, in November 1629, where they remained in garrison till May, 1630, when they were sent into Dutchland, commanded by the Colonel, whose company was led by Captain Lieutenant Gunne, Lieutenant Colonel Lindesey his company was led by Lieutenant Pringle, Captain Sinclaire, Captain Moncreife, Captain Ennis, and Captain Beaton, made out the other six companies of the regiment: Captain George Stewart, and Captain Francis Trafford, having quit their companies for their better preferment: Captain Monro of Fowles being advanced to be a Colonel of foot, his brother Hector Monro succeeded as Captain to his brothers company, which was under me in Prussia: thus far then may suffice, for the manner of our engagements.

My Colonel and I, having wintered both in Denmark, in February 1630 we crossed the Sound and took our journey unto Sweden through Skåne. In our way, we were nobly and courteously entertained by the governor of Warden castle, and from thence were mounted with the Governor's best horses, being convoyed by his servants, till we entered in Gottenberg, where we rested two days, till the governor did provide us of passes, guides and horses towards his Majesty, then at Stockholm in Sweden; where on our journey we did visit that worthy cavalier, Colonel Alexander Hamilton, at his work-houses in Urbowe, being then employed in making of cannon and fireworks, for his Majesty of Sweden; from whence the Colonel did convey  us to his quarter, where we were kindly entertained and welcomed by him, and his officers: From thence we continued our journey, and did visit Captain Sinclaire at his quarter, where we were also well entertained, having stayed with him on Easter Sunday, and from thence we travelled to Stockholm, where we had first the honour of his Majesty's presence and conference; after kissing of his Majesty's hand, we took our lodgings where we stayed certain days, his Majesty being making preparation for the transporting of his Majesty's army unto Dutchland.

The first Sunday after our coming, his Majesty did invite the principal cavaliers that were in town of our nation, for to accompany his Majesty at a feast appointed in honour of the order of the Garter, where thirteen cavaliers of our nation did sit at his Majesty's table, and were royally entertained. This feast past, his Majesty having ordered his foot army in the Fields, after his new order of Discipline of brigades, then first brought in use, at which time his Majesty having shown unto my Colonel and his officers, the order of his Majesty's discipline, in which order, his Majesty commanded to put my Colonel's regiment, which was presently obeyed, insomuch, that his Majesty was so well pleased with the capacity of my Colonel's soldiers going so orderly and readily to their duties, that his Majesty did wish in open presence of the army, that all his foot were so well disciplined as my Colonel's regiment: for which, his Majesty would be content to be indebted of a huge great sum of money, and having caused the regiment [to] march by towards their quarters, his Majesty did mightily and much praise the regiment for their good order; saying, he hoped one day, to get good service of those men for his moneys; shortly after this, his Majesty did ship his army for Germany, with which, my Colonel and his regiment went also: I having gotten his Majesty's patent over a free squadron, of the companies that were in Prussia, I was directed to the Rex-Chancellor there, with orders from his Majesty to his Excellence, to direct me and my squadron with all diligence, after his Majesty unto Dutchland; according to which, having arrived in Prussia, and delivered my commission to his Excellence; I was immediately directed to my garrison to order the companies for a muster, and being mustered, and paid of two months means, there was shipping provided for me and my companies at the Pillau, in August 1630, for transporting of us into Dutchland, according to his Majesty's will and orders given unto me to follow his Majesty, and our Ships being victualed, we attended the wind.

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