Newgate Calendar - ANDREW AKOW


A Chinese Sailor, Executed at Execution-Dock, July 18, 1806, for Murdering his Countryman

            The trial of this foreigner came on at the Admiralty Sessions, July 11, 1806 before Sir John Scott and Judge Le Blanc.

            James Robert Oliver, second mate of the Travers East-Indiaman, stated, that on the 24th of May the vessel was in the East India docks; he had charge of the watch at twelve o'clock, that night; the prisoner, who was taken on board at Bengal, was in his watch. The murdered man was named Anguin, a Chinese, who entered on board the vessel with the prisoner, and he officiated as cook. About two o'clock on the morning of the 25th, witness heard a crying noise forward, which seemed to come from the forecastle, but on going thither he found it proceeded from the fore-hatchway. Witness sent down two officers to see what was doing, when one of them shortly after called out, "Murder has been committed." Witness called up the surgeon, and on going below himself, he observed the prisoner in custody of the officers he had sent below. He was covered with blood, and on seeing the witness, he exclaimed, "Me kill Anguin; Anguin tell me lie, to-morrow you hang me Chinese fashion;" and he gave himself up to witness with the utmost composure. After having secured the prisoner, the witness proceeded to the fore-hatchway, where he observed the deceased lying, with his head nearly severed from his body, near to his hammock. He had also many dreadful wounds in different parts of his body; and he expired immediately. Witness had not missed the prisoner more than five minutes before he heard the cries of the deceased. The deceased was of an entertaining disposition, and greatly beloved by the whole ship's company.           This testimony was corroborated by a number of witnesses, and the jury found the prisoner "Guilty." He was sentenced to be executed the Monday following, but was respited till Friday, July 18, by Sir William Scott, in order that the opinion of the Privy Council, might be taken on his case. It having been the opinion of the Privy Council, that this malefactor should suffer according to the sentence of the English law, on Friday, the day appointed for the execution as above mentioned, he was accordingly conveyed in a cart from Newgate, for execution, at Execution Dock, pursuant to sentence. The wretched criminal was scarcely able to support his fate, and looked as if life had forsaken him previous to his arrival at the place of punishment. He was dressed in a seaman's jacket and trowsers, and red cap. One of his countrymen supported him in the cart, and apparently imparted every consolation his dreadful situation demanded. After hanging the usual time, the body was brought back to Newgate, and delivered to his friends; the remainder of the sentence, that his body be dissected, &c. having been remitted.


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