The Two Former Convicted of Highway Robbery, February 1809, and Sentenced to Death

            These men were capitally indicted for assaulting Mr. Samudie, on the highway, and forcibly taking from his person his watch and money. It appeared that Mr. Samudie was returning to Clapton on Thursday evening last, in a single-horse chaise, when he was stopped by five footpads, of whom he believed the prisoners to be three. They bade him deliver his money, which he immediately did, to the amount of 3l. and upwards. This not satisfying them, they demanded his watch, which he also surrendered. They were armed with pistols, and threatened his life unless he immediately surrendered his property. Mr. Samudie gave information of the robbery a short time afterwards, and some officers went in search of the footpads.

            On coming to Newington-green, they fell in with three individuals who answered the description Mr. Samudie had given of the footpads, and they endeavoured to take them into custody. They succeeded, however, in securing only Connor and Kelly:—the third person, whom the officers believed to be Carr, made his escape across the fields, having first fired a pistol at the officers. Upon searching Connor they found a parcel containing grocers' currants, which he said he had picked up in the road: the highways, however, were at that time extremely muddy, and not the smallest dirt appeared on the parcel.

            Mr. Samudie, on being showed that parcel, said it was in his chaise at the time he was robbed, and that he had brought the currants with him from a grocer's in town. He was sure the parcel had not fallen out of his chaise, and he had no doubt of the identity of Connor and Kelly. The other prisoner, however, proved, that at the time of the robbery, he was drinking tea with some of his friends, at such a distance from the spot, that, if the alibi was a true statement, it was sufficient to exonerate him from the charge. There was, however, much suspicion about his case; but the jury acquitted him, and found the other two Guilty.


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