Newgate Calendar - RICHARD NEWELL


Whipped for Cruelty to his Apprentices

            Richard Newell, hinge-maker, was indicted at Stafford by the directors of the House of Industry, and the Parish officers of Rowley Regis, for ill-treatment towards two parish apprentices he had from Shrewsbury, and was sentenced to six months' imprisonment; at the expiration of which time, to be publicly whipped by the common hangman through Rowley Regis, the town in which he lived. His imprisonment would have been longer; but, in consideration of his large family, the Court was inclined to set him at liberty at the end of six months, that he might contribute to their support.

            Newell's extreme cruelty, in beating the boys in the most horrid manner, (frequently with thick wire rods,) called forth the execrations of every person who heard the trial; and the whole Court expressed their satisfaction at the conduct of the parties who brought forward the prosecution, and strongly recommended the example to be followed by all the parish officers and directors of Poor-houses, in similar cases.


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