A Soldier, and a most hardened Villain, Executed in the Island of Guernsey for Murder

            This cruel infidel murderer was a private in the Royal York Rangers. He entered the house of Michael Perrin, in the Vale parish, on a Sunday, with an intention to plunder. Meeting a defenceless woman of 75 years of age, piously engaged in devotions suitable to the Sabbath, he, in the most deliberate manner, cut her throat with a razor, and nearly severed her head from her body. Immediately after his apprehension, he requested the assistance of a clergyman; and intended, by his apparent contrition, to relax the vigilance of his keepers; but the evening previous to his execution, having lost all hope of effecting his escape, he became outrageous, and would have destroyed even the minister who came to instruct and console him. Venting his fury in terms too shocking to relate, he went to the scaffold despising every religious admonition, and laughing at his awful situation. Fearless and undismayed, he launched into eternity, bidding defiance to human laws, and contemning that Divine Tribunal before which he was about to appear, with the accumulated guilt of a life spent in the perpetration of every species of wickedness.

            He had been sentenced to death in England; but, having obtained his Majesty's pardon, he was removed from the hulks into the Royal York Rangers. He was concerned with the notorious Avershaw, whom he called his father, and repeatedly expressed his determination to die game, as resolutely as his other associates in villainy and murder.


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