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Newgate Calendar - GABRIEL KABLINSKI


Executed in France for Murder, Friday 19th April, 1811

            A crime of a horrible nature, and under circumstances most barbarous and cruelly unnatural, happened about the same time in France. It was thus related, in the French journals of the day:

            GABRIEL KABLINSKI, aged 23 years, born in Russian Poland, convicted of having stabbed Louisa Tolimay, who kept a ready-made linen shop, on the 2d of February 1811, was executed on Friday, at the Greve in Paris. The following are the particulars of this horrible affair, the effects of jealousy it would seem.

            On the 3d of February he apprised Louisa Tolimay that he expected her company to dinner, as he was to set out on his return to Russia on the following day. She returned for answer, that she had two persons to dine with her, and that she could not meet him until the evening. Kablinski appeared very dissatisfied with this answer, and desired the person who brought it to tell her, "That he expected her at seven in the evening without fail." After dinner, it appears that Louisa Tolimay went out, and at eight o'clock she alighted from a job coach, with Kablinski, at Hardivillier's, a restaurateur, on the boulevard of the Temple. They were accommodated with a room on the first floor. Kablinski ordered dinner, of which it appears he ate but little, and Louisa Tolimay did not taste a morsel. He then called for coffee, and a half-bowl of rum-punch. Soon after he asked for a half-bowl of wine-punch. This last did not please him, and he had another half-bowl of rum-punch. He pressed Louisa Tolimay to drink, but she refused. About nine o'clock, he asked for pen, ink, and paper, which were brought him. The waiter having gone up soon after found Louisa Tolimay writing.

            At a quarter after ten some dreadful shrieks were heard, from the room in which Kablinski and Louisa Tolimay were. The waiter and Hardivillier's two sons ran upstairs. They were obliged to force open the door, a sofa having been placed against it on the inside. On entering they discovered Louisa Tolimay stretched on the floor, shrieking, and the blood flowing profusely from her bosom. She spoke a few words—the only ones that were distinctly heard were "Oh, the monster! the wretch!" She made signs to one of Hardivillier's sons to cut the lace of her gown, which he did, and with the assistance of a soldier he placed her on a sofa. She could only utter the following words, "My dear;" she kissed his hands in testimony of her gratitude, and expired a few minutes after.

            Kablinski was in the same room, stretched on his face, and endeavouring to stab himself with a knife which he held under him. He inflicted two wounds upon himself, one of which only pierced the integuments. The other was only thirty millimetres deep, presenting a large orifice, from whence issued a large quantity of blood. He afterwards threw his knife, reeking with blood, at Louisa Tolimay, asking several times if she were dead.


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