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Newgate Calendar - JOHN ANNIS


A ship broker, convicted of Fraud, 14th of January, 1809

            At the Old Bailey, on Saturday, the 14th of January, 1809, John Annis, an eminent ship broker, was indicted, charged with having fraudulently obtained money from a Mr. Pugh, by falsely pretending that he had paid a sum for export and convoy duties upon goods shipped to the amount of 324l. 15s. when he had paid the duties upon goods to the amount of 49l. only, and thereby defrauding Mr. Pugh. It appeared that Mr. Pugh had employed the defendant to ship goods for exportation to the amount of 324l. 15s. and the goods were afterwards seized by a gentleman from the Custom-house, the export and convoy duties not having been paid to that amount. It was proved that the defendant had charged Mr. Pugh 13l. 8s. for the Custom-house duties, which was the regular price, according to the value of the goods, at four per cent., and it was also proved by some witnesses from the Custom-house that the defendant had paid 2l. only, he having represented the goods shipped as amounting to something about 50l. The defendant accounted for his conduct by pleading the hurry of business, but the jury found him Guilty.—Transportation.


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