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Newgate Calendar - JOHN BOULTON


Punished by the Stocks in Botany Bay

            The bench of magistrates in Sydney, Botany Bay, on 12th of September 1809, enquired into the conduct of John Boulton for indecency, "of which," adds our reformed convict printer, "delicacy restrains the mention in a public print." It will suffice to say, that the bench, after a long and patient hearing and examination of numerous witnesses, were fully satisfied with the prisoner's guilt. They sentenced the said John Boulton to be set in the public stocks, on the Green hills, at the Hawksbury, on the following Saturday in the forenoon, there to remain for the space of two hours; then to be removed to the common gaol at Paramatta, and there confined one calendar month.

            Note: Paramatta is the town, where Barrington, that prince of pickpockets, finished his earthly career. At the time of his death he was high constable of Paramatta, to which he was appointed for his better conduct as a convict, but it was a place neither respectable nor profitable. Paramatta is sixteen miles from Sydney, the seat of government, and contains about five hundred inhabitants. It is the name given by the natives; Para, signifying the head, matta, a creek, from its situation at the extremity of the water in that part of the country.


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