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Newgate Calendar - HENRY KELLY


Punishment of a Prevaricating Witness in Botany Bay

            The bench of magistrates at Hawksbury, on Saturday the 18th of November 1809, found it necessary to order the corporal punishment to fifty lashes to be inflicted on Henry Kelly (a convict) for gross prevarication in delivering his evidence, and for manifesting a disposition to conceal and disguise the facts within his knowledge, with a view to prevent and defeat the course of justice. The bench declared their determination on every occasion to punish in the most public and exemplary manner every person concerned in practices so injurious to the interests of society, and that were calculated for purposes so scandalous and disgraceful.

            Note: Hawksbury, so called after the noble lord who bore that title, is the most distant settlement from Sydney. The town is called "The Green Hills," of which Andrew Thompson, Esquire, late a convict, known by the appellation of Long Harry, was justice of the peace, and little Ben Lara, a Jew, once his fellow convict, kept the principal hotel.


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