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Newgate Calendar - THOMAS HERBERT


Indicted for Assault, 8th December 1809

            At the sessions held at Hick's Hall, for the county of Middlesex, on Friday the 8th of December 1809, Thomas Herbert was indicted for a violent assault on Lieutenant Colonel Vigoreaux. The prosecutor, who has lost a leg in the service of his country, was riding on horseback to Chiswick, when he met the defendant and two others in a gig, and the former committed a most wanton assault, by horsewhipping him as he passed, The prosecutor followed the defendant to the toll bar-gate at Hyde-Park Corner, and requested the gate to be shut against the defendant, when he got out and threatened to pull the prosecutor off his horse. The Colonel followed the defendant to Dowgate-hill, he having refused to give any other address than that he was Captain Herbert of the city. At Dowgate-hill the defendant again threatened to pull the Colonel off his horse, and he assaulted him several times. The counsel for the prisoner made no defence, and the defendant was convicted. After a severe reprimand from the chairman, he was sentenced to pay a fine of 50l. and to be imprisoned three months.


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