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The Newgate Calendar - ROBERT GREENSTREET


Executed at Tyburn, 14th of December, 1761, for the Murder of his Master, from whom he demanded an Increase of Wages

THIS man served his apprenticeship with a Mr Souch, a fishhook-maker, in Crooked Lane, London, by whom he had been so kindly treated that after the expiration of his time he continued to work with him as a journeyman.

Greenstreet seems to have been of a discontented mind, for he was often urging an increase of wages, more than that humble trade would allow. One day, having again introduced the subject to his old and kind master, now bending under the weight of many years, it led to a dispute, in which the young villain felled the poor old man to the ground, and there inhumanly repeated his blows. While thus prostrate the master faintly exclaimed: "Bob, you are a rogue to use me thus"; upon which the villain took a knife from his pocket and, deliberately opening it, stabbed him in several parts of his body, at every word calling out: "D-n your old soul!" This bloody work was carried on before the youth who had succeeded Greenstreet as apprentice, and who, in endeavouring to save his master, received a stab through his hand. The murderer was secured, and a surgeon sent for, who found the old man speechless, senseless, and bleeding to death. In a few minutes he expired.

On his trial at the Old Bailey, Greenstreet pleaded guilty, and received sentence of death. He was executed along with Daniel Looney, for shooting Captain Shanks. The body of Greenstreet was given to the surgeons for dissection, and when brought into the Hall for that purpose the eyes opened, though the body was dead.


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