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The Newgate Calendar - ANN MARROW


Pilloried at Charing Cross, 22nd of July, 1777, for marrying three Women

ANN MARROW was convicted at the Quarter Sessions for the city and liberty of Westminster, on the 5th of July, 177, of going in men's clothes and personating a man in marriage, with three different women (Mary Hamilton, the reader will remember, played off this trick fourteen times), and defrauding them of their money and effects. She was sentenced to be imprisoned three months, and during that time to stand once in and upon the pillory, at Charing Cross.

Agreeably to the pillorying part of her sentence she was on the 22nd of the same month, placed in the pillory; and so great was the resentment of the spectators, particularly the female part, that they pelted her to such a degree that she lost the sight of both her eyes.


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