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The Newgate Calendar - THOMAS KIMPTON


Convicted at the Middlesex Sessions, December, 1810 of a Violent Assault on a Juryman of the Court Leet, and sentenced to Imprisonment

   THOMAS KIMPTON, who kept a butcher's shop near the turnpike, Islington Road, was put to the bar charged on an indictment with violently assaulting a gentleman of the leet jury of that district in the latter part of the summer in a most violent manner, and obstructing him in the discharge of his duty.

   It appeared from the statement of Mr Walford, counsel for the prosecution, that the gentlemen who comprised the said leet jury were out on the day mentioned in the indictment, and had seized several fraudulent weights, scales and measures. In the progress of their duty they approached the shop of the defendant, and the prosecutor, being then accompanied by only one of his associates, instantly laid hold of two weights in the shop of the defendant, both of which were deficient according to law, and so were seized. The defendant contended that they were of the due weight, but the prosecutor asserted, and showed, the contrary. From words they came to blows, and the defendant struck and beat the prosecutor till he was rescued from his hands by the interference of his neighbours.

   Some attempts were made to palliate the case, but the jury, without any hesitation, found the defendant guilty.

   Mr Watson, who presided for Mr Mainwaring, the chairman, animadverted in very strong language upon the conduct of the defendant) and adjudged that he should be sent to the house of correction, Coldbath Fields, for the space of one calendar month.

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