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The Newgate Calendar - THE QUIBBLING THIEF.<BR>

Who stole a goose, and saved himself by a pun

   A poor pun will sometimes answer a good purpose. A baker once calling upon Mr. Justice Jones, of Coventry, with the last loaf in his basket, was observed, as he returned through the Court-yard, to lay hold of a fat goose, on which his worship, who was at one of the upper windows, bawled out, Baker   ! Baker! Baker! The varlet took no notice, but trudged off with his prize. When the Justice, in the afternoon went to his house, and asked him how he could have the villainous impudence to take the goose? "God bless your worship," returned he, "I only did as you. commanded, -- you bid me bake her, and I did so, and thank your worship's health at the eating of her." -- " 'Tis a poor pun, said the justice, but it shall make thy peace; -- but beware, lest the next GOOSE you steal, brings down the LAW upon you, hissing hot."


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