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Convicted of Roasting a Child.

            THESE were worthy descendants of Mother Brownrigg, of notorious memory; and, had not their wicked proceedings been fortunately interrupted, no doubt they would have earned for themselves the fate of their infamous predecessor in this unnatural species of cruelly.

            Elizabeth Hunter, aged forty-six, resided in the parish of Barking, and was in the habit of receiving parish children to nurse. Rebecca

            Jarvis aged twenty-one, was a servant in Hunter's employ.

            Catherine Evans stated on the trial that she was in the habit of washing and ironing clothes for the prisoner, and that on the morning of the 24th of May she went at an early hour to look for work, when she found Hunter chastising one of the children she had under her care, whom she told to strip. The child did so, when Hunter and Jarvis bound it hand and foot. Evans asked the former what she was going to do with the child, when she replied that she was going to roast it. Evans instantly apprized a neighbour, and they went together to Mrs. Hunter's, whom they found with her servant holding the child stripped before the fire. The child was very close, and cried out greatly. They were so shocked at the sight that they ran out of the house; but returned again, when the child was gone. Not being able to get a sight of it, they went to the parish officers, and informed them of the circumstance. Au officer was in consequence sent to take away the child, who being found in a dangerous state, the perpetrators of the cruel act were apprehended, and indicted at the Chelmsford assizes on the 3d of August, 1816, when they were found Guilty, and Mrs. Hunter was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment, and Rebecca Jarvis to six, in the county gaol.


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