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Newgate Calendar - RICHARD BIGGS


Executed near Bath for the Murder of his Wife, 14th September, 1748

            On the 14th day of September, 1748, was executed at Old Down, near Bath, Richard Biggs, for the murder of his wife, with horrid barbarity. Her head, breast, arms, thighs, and legs, were full of bruises and wounds. After having beat her to death, he carried the body and threw it into the river near Bath, He was convicted on the evidence, shocking to relate! of his own son, a boy only eleven years of age. When on the ladder, and before the rope was affixed to the fatal tree, he jumped down and lay flat on the ground, refusing to stir. He made great opposition, and long struggled for life. Thus, though he had so inhumanly deprived his wife of existence, he showed how sweet life was to himself by his reluctance to yield it up, though forfeited to the laws of his country.


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