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Newgate Calendar - WILLIAM JAQUES


Executed for the Murder of a Black Man, August, 1764

            This treacherous murderer was a seaman in the royal navy, and a disgrace to that brave and generous set of people. He belonged to the Stag frigate, and the black man was also one of the crew. They had lately been paid off, and each received twenty-eight pounds. Jaques soon squandered away his share in dissipation among lewd women, and determined to replace it by robbing the negro.

            For this purpose he decoyed his victim into a wood, and, taking him unawares, he dashed his brains out with a hedge-stake, rifled his pockets, and then made his escape. In a few days the corpse was found; and suspicion falling on Jaques, from their having been seen in company, he was pursued and taken in a public house at the Devizes. There were found upon him sixteen thirty-six-shilling pieces; and about his neck was the handkerchief of the deceased. He had with him the bloody stake with which he committed the murder, and immediately confessed the crime, and signed his confession.

            He also acknowledged that he had murdered three more men, and had robbed a gentleman on Hounslow Heath of ten pounds. He was a wretch who drew little pity for his fate, and was executed at Salisbury, in August, 1764.


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