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Brother and Sister Executed at Tyburn, July 18, 1766, for Burglary

            These two miserable children of most unhappy parents, broke into the dwelling-house of James Adair, Esq. in Soho-Square, and stole thereout a quantity of plate, jewels, and wearing apparel, to a large amount.

            We find nothing further worthy of note in their case, except the conduct of the lower order of the country people of the malefactors (the Irish) in consequence of their execution. It is a singular national character of these people, in whatever part of the world they are thrown upon together, they associate, riot, and fight for each other, which they deem the only mode in which their supposed grievances can be redressed. They are ever the very worst subjects out of their own country. The seaport towns in the United States of America, contain a vast quantity of Irish emigrants; and this is not to be wondered at, when, upon a moderate calculation, half a million of the lower class of that distressed country, within the last twenty years, have emigrated to that unhealthy climate, where at least one fourth fall a victim to the burning heat of summer, which, since that rage for emigration began, and not before, the yellow-fever, like a plague, sweeps off the inhabitants, particularly new comers, in great numbers. These imported citizens are the most impudent and troublesome of the new world. The jailer of the extensive prison of Philadelphia, declared, that his crew consisted generally of nearly one half Irish, while a quarter were negroes, and the remainder disorderly Americans, and the others Europeans.

            In the evening, after the execution of M'Ginnis and his sister, a great number of low Irishmen assembled before the house of one Hart, a Jew, broke all his windows, and did him other damage, on pretence of his being an accessory by receiving the goods of which the malefactors had robbed Mr. Adair; but, in point of fact, the attack was made upon the Jew, in revenge for his being the principal means of their conviction. The villains merited being hanged upon the spot of their riot and spoilation.


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