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Newgate Calendar - HYMAN ISAACKS


An English Jew, Executed at Ostend, in the year 1777, for Forging on the Bank of England

            Forgers on the Bank of England are pursued in their fancied refuge on the continent of Europe. Let no man, therefore, who has committed this crime, hope to evade the punishment of death.

            In the year 1777, one Hyman Isaacks, otherwise called Hyman Baron, a Jew, had committed forgeries on the Bank of England, and when he had passed as many as he could in the British dominions, without being taken, the fear of the officers of justice urged his flight to France. There, and in other different parts of Europe, he continued to circulate his spurious paper, for Bank of England notes, throughout the civilized world, bearing their intrinsic value. At length he was seized by order of the King of Prussia, and executed at Ostend. Every court of Europe had issued orders for his apprehension. He had circulated forgeries to the amount of several thousand pounds.


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