Newgate Calendar - EDWARD POWELL


Master Mast-maker of his Majesty's Dock-yard, at Portsmouth, Executed near Winchester, for Murder

            THE unhappy fate of Mr. Powell, serves to confirm the old saying, "Never interfere between man and wife." This unfortunate man's situation, under government, was very respectable, yielding an income of between four and five hundred pounds per annum. He married the daughter of Mr. Frampton, of Portsmouth, a gentleman much respected, and with her, for a short time only, were his prospects of happiness. The young wife, too inexperienced, perhaps, for the marriage state, and too giddy for the sober and experienced years of her husband, had, it seems, been reproved by him, on this head, of which she, still more unadvised, complained to her father, who taking her part, the husband sought revenge.

            It appeared, he had long brooded on the destruction of the man, though her parent, who interfered between him and his wife. Accordingly, meeting Mr. Frampton on the Common Hard, at Portsmouth, he pulled a pistol from his pocket, and fired at him without effect. Finding his devoted subject unhurt, he took out another, and shot him dead on the spot.

            This horrid deed he was condemned at Winchester. He was carried to the place of execution along with Gregory Bentham, quarter-master of the Scipio man of war, for shooting with a pistol, in a scuffle, William Barnes, coxswain of the said ship. The deceased, in this case, had been sent after Bentham, who had exceeded his leave of absence, and refusing to return, on the coxswain's proceeding to enforce his orders, was shot. They were executed on a temporary gallows, near Winchester.


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