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The Newgate Calendar - List of Illustrations

The Newgate Calendar

List of Illustrations

A devoted parent presenting The Newgate Calendar to her child
The Old Prison of Newgate
The New Prison of Newgate
A View of the Interior of Newgate
An Execution at the Debtor's Door of Newgate
Highwaymen Labouring on the Highway
Sawney Bean at the Entrance to his Cave
Sawney Cunningham with the Astrologer
Hunter murdering the children
Johnson murdering the turnkey
The execution of John Hamilton by the Maiden
The Marquis de Paleotti stabbing his Servant
Jack Ketch arrested while attending a malefactor to the place of execution
Hartley and Reeves tying the Journeyman to a Tree
Hawkins & Simpson robbing the Mail
The Punishment for Refusing to Plead
Roche and his Villainous Companions Throwing their Victims Overboard
Hind robbing Colonel Harrison in Maidenhead thicket.
Portrait of Jack Sheppard
A shoemaker freeing Sheppard from his irons
Butler discovered under a tub by Jonathan Wild
Jonathan Wild, Hitchin and a woman of the town entrapping a clergyman
Jonathan Wild on his way to Execution
Hayes, Wood and Billings murdering Mr. Hayes
The head of Mr. Hayes displayed in the churchyard of St Margaret's
John Everett and Richard Bird robbing a Coach
Execution of a Pirate at Execution Dock
The Execution of Sarah Malcolm
Porteous lynched by a mob
Price murdering his wife on Hounslow Heath
Dick Turpin in his Cave in Epping Forest
Dick Turpin shooting a man near his cave
Dick Turpin placing an old woman on the fire, to compel the discovery of her treasure
Lympus Robbing the Post-boy
Elizabeth and Mary Branch beating their servant to death
Two Gentleman Regarding the Gibbets with Satisfaction
Bradford discovers his intended victim already murdered
Martha Tracy robbing Mr Humphries
Portrait of the Earl of Kilmarnock
Portrait of Thomas Cappock
Execution of Lord Lovat
William York, aged 10, killing Susan Matthew, aged 5
The murder of Chater by the smugglers
Mills and his companions whipping Hawkins to death
Parsons imploring his father's forgiveness
Portrait of Jack Sheppard
A shoemaker freeing Jack Sheppard from his fetters
Mary Blandy confessing having poisoned her father
A tradesman's wife surprised by meeting her husband instead of De la Fontaine
Captain Lancey quitting the ship with his crew after setting fire to it
Morgan firing the house after murdering his cousin's family
William Page leaving his phaeton, while he robs a gentleman, near Putney
Portrait of Dr. Hensey
Eugene Aram
Aram murdering Daniel Clarke
Thomas Savage in the Bawdy-house
Horne discovered hiding in a trunk
The Rev. Wheatley doing penance for adultery
Earl Ferrers shooting his steward
The execution of Earl Ferrers
Gardelle disposing of Mrs King's body
William Harrow and the gamekeeper
Ann Beddingfield burnt at the stake
Hannah Dagoe resisting execution
Mrs Glass and her daughter imploring the pirates to spare their lives
The Duchess of Kingston's interview with Foote, the comedian
Portrait of the Duchess of Kingston
The trial of the Duchess of Kingston
Portrait of Elizabeth Brownrigg
Elizabeth Brownrigg flogging her apprentice
Field sold as a slave in North America
Rann on his trial before Judge Henry Fielding
Hill setting fire to the rope-house in Portsmouth Dockyard
The German princess and her Admirers
Dr Dodd at the place of execution
Relph being burned in the hand
Double portrait of Rev Hackman and Miss Reay
Rev Hackman shooting Miss Reay and himself
Portrait of Lord George Gordon
The burning of Newgate Prison
Ryland attempting self-destruction
Ward boxing with Swain
A robbery committed by means of bird-lime
Avershaw on his way to execution
Parker hanged at the yard-arm
A whipping in the press-yard of Newgate Prison
Mul-sack Robbing a Waggoner
Caddell murdering Miss Price
Clarke cutting the servant girl's throat while kissing her
Brinsden stabbing his wife
Sally Salisbury stabbing a gentleman in a brothel
Waller in the Pillory
The sexton frightened by Powis
Richardson and Coyle attacking Captain Hartley in his cabin
Anne Williams burnt at the stake
Brown holding his wife to the fire
Mrs Daniels brought home intoxicated
Captain M'Kaarg killed by Major Campbell
Sarah Woodcock forcibly introduced to Lord Baltimore
Hawkins and the rioters before the Mansion House
Adshead and Alsworth searched in St Giles's watch-house
The Hammersmith Ghost frightening a Woman
Louisa Calderon undergoing the Torture
Captain Sutherland killing his Cabin-boy
The Body of Williams taken for Burial at the Cross-roads
Portrait of John Bellingham
The Assassination of Spencer Perceval by Bellingham
Henry Morris and Mary Ann Murphy
The Superstitious Application of the Dead Hand of Hollings
The Murder in the Red Barn
Banks and his Gang robbing the Warringtons
Mrs M'Dougal Pursued by the Mob
Sapwell Murdering the Policeman
The Merthyr Tydfil Riots
Oxford Shooting at Queen Victoria
Courtenay shooting Lieutenant Bennett
Hird Swindled by Card-sharpers
Australian Settlers Dragging Aborigines to a Place of Slaughter
Bartlett Murdering his Mother-in-law
The Berrymans Robbing the Hancoxes
The Birmingham Rioters Attacking the Firemen
An Honest Traveller Refused Lodgings because of his Carpet Bag
The Murder of the Colleen Bawn.
The Abduction of Miss Crockatt.
Grant and his Companions attacked by the Military.
Hayward Waltzing with a Lady of Quality
Howard Murdering Mullay
A Joke which Went Disastrously Wrong.
Chalker and Keys Attacking the Gamekeepers.
King Robbing a Jewish Pedlar
Mackoull Robbing the Minister of his Watch on Quitting the Pulpit.
The Mayor of Bristol Escaping from the Mansion House
Michael M'Keand Arrested after a Fierce Struggle
The Peterloo Massacre
Stacey Murdering Bird and His Housekeeper
The Affray in which Bolding was killed
Thurtell, when nearly overpowered, cutting Weare's throat.
Trial by Battle
The Attack on the Lynch Family
The Meeting of the Tolpuddle Labourers
Tucker Fraudulently Performing the Marriage Ceremony

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